TADBIR  group relied on the experience of several years in the field of foreign and domestic trade And according to the capacity of the country and the increasing need of local and foreign consumers, Their activities could expand the variety and quality of food.

This group of experienced experts having experience in the field of agriculture and industry have attempted to identify preferences of consumers, asked to provide them with high quality And by targeting Russia and its former republics, Turkey, Iraq and recently East Europe And according to the consumer at its foothold as a supplier and exporter of hard work Good production, especially in the areas of tea, dates and raisins, and the dynamics of their market strength to continue the work of the group.

The taste and quality of  Darjlyng  tea in the Tea Lahijan

Lahijan Tea  with the closest color and flavor of the tea Darjlyng India, no need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers, pesticides and without the use of the most tasty and healthy tea products in the world.Capacity to accept the tea flavor additives in addition to the unique flavor of the original, each consumer can affect every taste.

Sunny Raisin product of the land of sunshine

Iran raisin produced water, soil and sun unparalleled of tropical regions Iran.The races in Iran raisin grapes with the best taste and the best quality for maximum enjoyment of the highest energy is dedicatedto you.

All of our products Tadbir are Orthodox Tea.[1]

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