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    Iced Tea and Icy Weather

    January 6, 2014 by Urbanfae

    It's freaking cold outside in Michigan right now.  The weather's predicted to drop to -11 overnight.  Yet, I'm about to make another cup of iced jasmine tea.

    Why? Because the cold weather means a lot of dry air which means a lot of dry skin.  My lips are chapped (eventhough I haven't even ventured outside), and my hands feel like alligator skin.  Hydration seems especially important in winter.  I'm not fond of plain, old water, and I've outgrown my taste for pop, so that leaves tea.  I also love jasmine since the fragrance reminds me of summertime and warmer days.

    So while other people are guzzling hot chocolate, I'll be brewing up a batch of my favorite all-season beverage: iced tea.

    What about you?  Do you think iced tea is a summer thing o…

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