India is amongst the biggest Tea producing nations. Other major tea producing nations are China, Kenya, Sri Lanka, etc. Tea culture and tea drinking habit is very popular in India. The cultivation of tea in India grew during the commercial initiative taken by British East Indian Company.  By the formation of Tea Board of India in 1953, the tea gained huge popularity among Indian consumers. 

Indians drink all kinds of tea products. Tea in Hindi language is called chai. Indians love to add herbal & spicey elements in their daily beverage “Chai”. They call it by the name of Masala Tea or Masala Chai or Spiced Tea ( Masala means Spices in Hindi). Based on the ingredients or spices are the Masala Chai is categorized. The spices are as follows:

Ginger Powdered ginger or finely chopped ginger can be added in masala tea.
Cinnamon Cinnamon has a pungent taste that is really suitable for masala tea.
Cardamom Green cardamom seeds are added in the masala tea.
Cloves Rather than powdered cloves, the whole cloves provide best flavor to the tea.
Peppercorn Black pepper or pepper corn are crushed and mixed with masala tea. 

All these spices not only add flavor to Masala Tea but these spices come with herbal benefits as well. Smart mixing of spices can add unique flavor to masala tea. In local market, all the varieties of masala tea may not be obtained in one store. So, both online and offline tea shops should be used to know about different varieties of masala teas. 

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