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    Understanding Oolong Tea

    August 29, 2014 by Lovetea21

    Oolong is a tea that originated and is primarily grown in China and Taiwan. This tea varies in both flavor and its fermentation process than loose black tea and loose green tea. The fermentation process involves hand-picking the tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant, withering the leaves under natural sunlight, undergoing an oxidation process, which is done at varying levels ranging from 8% to 80% and a roasting process. The higher the degree of oxidation, the darker the roast of oolong tea is. The level of oxidation will create a varying taste in this tea as well.

    The flavor and aroma of oolong tea has quite the broad range--from fruity and sweet with a honey smell, to fresh and green with a flowery scent, to a woody taste with a roa…

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    Most of us start our day with a cup of tea in the morning. Around the world tea had always been the most consumed beverage than any other one. It is not only refreshing but offers health benefits too.


    This nature’s delicious gift originated from China and was then brought to Japan in A.D. 803-805.The Japanese Emperor ordered for the cultivation of it where different varieties were born. This became known to Asia and then quickly spread all over the world.   

    Varieties of loose leaf green tea:-

    It is made of ‘CamelliaSinensis’ –a plant species from which all sorts of teas are made. To make its big tea buds are picked and dried/heated to stop fermentation of loose leaf green tea. The Chinese method to heat the leaves and to remove moistur…

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