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  • I live in UK
  • My occupation is Technical Community Support Specialist @ FANDOM
  • Bio Netflix addict, gamer, ice cream lover. People call me 'Captain' now. I should have expected this.
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  • Kirkburn

    Hey Tea Wiki!

    One of our current projects is to look into updating the page header area - that is, the area which currently contains the wordmark, local navigation and contribute button.

    We want to make sure the page header area is as useful as it can be - both for the newbie who has never visited your wiki before and for the experienced editors. We're also keen on making the mobile and desktop experience feel a bit more connected.

    We've been spending some time looking into what improvements could be made, and you can read much more about our research and findings on this Community Central forum post.

    As a result of this research, we've come up with a potential concept for how the page header could look:

    Though the layout is somewhat different, it…

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