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Enjoying a Tea-Garden meditation

Zen..the Japanese or Zen version of the Tea Ceremony is one's appreciation of Tea as an art sense of an almost sincere religion of Beauty.

The Japanese Zen Gardens at Balboa Park South. Cali. is one place I've enjoy'd the setting of a Zenish meditation. A Cafe' provides opportunity for foodra & drink...At home here I prepare a Tea such as Chai or Bem Import tea or just a good regular style of local tea-bag style(black or green, or Ginger). I Brew'd in pot or macro-oven till dark begins to stir in the tea water (or i pour hot water into the cup with tea bag already prepair'd.) I often put some of my flavourite Zenish music for background inspiration or new-age equiverlent ...Zen Japanese Flute music is one of my flavourite.

I often include Candles & incense to compleat a sense of a Ceremonial Way of Zen Tea. Blueberr6014 (talk) 20:29, August 11, 2013 (UTC)

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