Urasenke (裏千家, lit. "the rear Sen house/family") is the name of one of the main schools of Japanese tea ceremony. It is one of the san-Senke (three Sen houses/families); the other two are Omotesenke and Mushakōjisenke.

The san-Senke derive from Sen Rikyū, and it was not until after the era of his grandson, Sen Sōtan, that the three separate lines of the family came into being. Three sons of Sōtan each became heirs to the family name, Sen, and to the family profession of teaching the Way of Tea that their mutual family founder, Rikyū, had developed.

The original tea room of Urasenke was built by Sen Sōtan when he was contemplating retirement and having his third son take over the headship of the Sen house. He built this retirement tea room on land located next to the Sen house, on the north. It has the name "Konnichian" (今日庵; "Hut of This Day"), and from this the entire historical Urasenke estate, which is located on Ogawa street in the Kamigyo ward of Kyoto, directly north of the Omotesenke estate, is referred to by this name.

The head (iemoto) of this line carries the hereditary name Sōshitsu. The present head of Urasenke is Zabōsai Genmoku Sōshitsu. He is the 16th generation in the line.


Generation name religious pseudonym
1st Rikyū Sōeki (1522-91) 利休 宗易 Hōsensai 抛筌斎
2nd Shōan Sōjun (1546-1614) 少庵 宗淳
3rd Genpaku Sōtan (1578-1658) 元伯 宗旦 Totsutotsusai 咄々斎
4th Sensō Sōshitsu (1622-97) 仙叟 宗室 Rōgetsuan 臘月庵
5th Jōsō Sōshitsu (1673-1704) 常叟 宗室 Fukyūsai 不休斎
6th Taisō Sōshitsu (1694-1726) 泰叟 宗室 Rikkansai 六閑斎
7th Chikusō Sōshitsu (1709-33) 竺叟 宗室 Saisaisai 最々斎
8th Ittō Sōshitsu (1719-71) 一燈 宗室 Yūgensai 又玄斎
9th Sekiō Sōshitsu (1746-1801) 石翁 宗室 Fukensai 不見斎
10th Hakusō Sōshitsu (1770-1826) 柏叟 宗室 Nintokusai 認得斎
11th Seichū Sōshitsu (1810-77) 精中 宗室 Gengensai 玄々斎
12th Jikishō Sōshitsu (1852-1917) 直叟 宗室 Yūmyōsai 又玅斎
13th Tetchū Sōshitsu (1872-1924) 鉄中 宗室 Ennōsai 圓能斎
14th Sekisō Sōshitsu (1893-1964) 碩叟 宗室 Tantansai (AKA: Mugensai) 淡々斎 (無限斎)
15th Hansō Sōshitsu (Sen Genshitsu) (b. April 19, 1923) 汎叟 宗室 Hōunsai 鵬雲斎
16th (current iemoto) Genmoku Sōshitsu (b. June 7, 1956) 玄黙 宗室 Zabōsai 坐忘斎


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