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Tenfu Tea College, now called, Zhangzhou College of Science and Technology 漳州科技学院, is the world's first private vocational college to specialize in the study of the tea industry. It is situated in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China, Degrees in the following disciplines are: Tea Production and Processing (茶叶生产加工技术), Market Prospection and Marketing (市场开发与营销), Food Processing (食品加工技术), Tea Culture (茶文化) and Tourism Management (旅游管理).

The college, endowed by the Ten Fu Group, opened in autumn 2007. Courses are taught in Chinese, but with a global perspective and the teaching of English tea terminology. The college provides education in tea science and cultivation, tea arts and culture, tea drinking promotion, as well as preparing people in the field of tea marketing.

Its website (in Chinese) is [1] (checked November 2017)

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