Key dates in the history of tea

Early, up to 16th centuryEdit

  • 2737 BCE According to legend, Chinese Emperor Shennong discovers tea.
  • 760 Tang Dynast writer Lu Yu (陸羽) (729-804) publishes 'Cha Jing' (茶經) the first tea book.
  • 1269 'Pictorial of Tea Ware' (茶具图赞) compiled by Shenan (审安老人).
  • 1597 First mention of tea in English.

17th and 18th centuriesEdit

  • 1657 Tea sold at Garaway's Coffee House, London.
  • 1664 The English East India Company present Charles II with some tea.
  • 1680 Addition of milk to tea in Europe was first mentioned, by the epistolist Madame de Sévigné
  • 1750 Tea production began in the Azores, Portugal.
  • 1772 Tea first successfully cultivated in the United States.
  • 1799 French botanist Francois Andre Michaux, brought the Camellia sinensis plant to the United States and gave it to Henry Middleton.

19th centuryEdit

  • 1822 The Tetley brothers started in business.
  • 1826 Dutch introduced tea cultivation in Java.
  • Tea planting in the Indian district of Darjeeling had begun Dr. Campbell, a civil surgeon of the Indian Medical Service. Campbell was transferred to Darjeeling in 1839 and used seeds from China to begin experimental tea planting, a practice he and others continued during the 1840s. The government also established tea nurseries during that period. Commercial development began during the 1850s
  • 1856 Joseph Tetley & Company, Wholesale Tea Dealers established.
  • 1867 James Taylor established a tea factory at Loolecondera
  • 1869 Cutty Sark clipper built - the last merchant ship to be so built. Coffee-rust fungus destroyed most of the coffee plants in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka): this led to the establishment of the tea industry there.
  • 1872 James Taylor started upon the construction of a larger tea factory in Loolecondera.
  • 1883 Skilled workers from the Macau Region of China introduced into Portugal.

20th centuryEdit

  • 1904 First commercial sale of tea bags. Benjamin Ginsberg, Russian immigrant to Southern Africa became interested in Roobois and started its commercial development.
  • 1911 Tocklai Experimental Station established, India.
  • 1924 Mrs Florence Philips, a tea planter's wife smuggled a box of tea seeds out of India and these were planed in Chipinge (Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe): led to the development of the tea industry in the then colony.
  • 1946 Nestle USA introduced the first instant tea, Nestea
  • 1953 Clanwilliam Tea Cooperative established South Africa.

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