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(Chinese |t=世界奉茶日, |s=世界奉茶日, |p=shìjiè fèng chá rì, |poj=sè-kài hōng tê li̍t)

Tea Appreciation Day is held one day during the first weekend of May (or close to it) every year from 2005. People and organizations can gather together to make and serve tea with the attending individuals and passing strangers alike. Any person of: an organization, a group, an association, a family, a community, a school, can organize, and unite on this day with others at at some pre-planned place like conduct any kind of tea party. The activities can include lectures or conversation, and its content should include tea culture related curriculum. Activity leaders must follow local laws and regulations.


Beginning in the spring of 2005, in Taipei, Taiwan, with the intent of extending Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, this event originated from a celebration on Mother's Day called “Family Tea Ceremony” (officially held around 500 people and their Family Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony which began May 12, 1991 at Taipei Music Hall Square), and now has expanded for all people. This activity is healthy, and now in 2005 the universal activity peacefully chooses the name "Tea Appreciation Day".

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