Nepal, a landlocked country in South Asia, sandwiched between China (in the north) and India (in the south), produces tea that is a cousin of Darjeeling tea in its appearance, aroma and fruity taste. Nepal tea if often referred to as the comparable, "classic" Darjeeling tea. The similarity of Nepal Tea to Darjeeling tea is that the eastern zones of Nepal, which are the main tea producing regions of Nepal, have a similar geographical and topographical conditions as the Darjeeling. Nevertheless, Nepal tea does stand apart from the Darjeeling tea, and tea connoisseurs consider some of the teas from Nepal to be much better than the Darjeeling tea in aroma, fusion, taste and colour

Nepal tea has not been that successful in capturing limelight in the world tea market, mainly due to the lack of sufficient quantities of tea, that often fails to meet the demand. Since its inception, Nepal tea is characterized by two types of tea, which are Orthodox tea and CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) tea.

More information on the Wikipedia page [1] which has a list of tea growing regions and companies.

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