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The Mazawattee Tea Company, founded by the Densham family, was one of the most important and most advertised tea firms in England during the late 19th century. Traditionally the origin of tea-drinking lies in China and the famous Tea Clipper ships raced across the seas to bring tea to London. In the 18th century, tea had become an important drink in Britain especially for the wealthy, but it was not until the 1850s (by which time tea plantations had been successfully established in India, especially in Assam, and in Ceylon) that a real expansion occurred. The Densham family were at the forefront of this period of growth. Originally from Plymouth, they moved to London and managed to amass a fortune from the business in quite a short time. The Denshams later owned fine properties in both Purley and Croydon and one of the founder’s sons, Edward, became a well-known figure in Purley.

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