M.K. Shah Exports Limited - multinational company. Within the span of a mere 4 decades, MKSEL owned tea plantations, production factories and packaging units in strategic locations, to cater to an international clientele. With its head offices in Kolkata and Mumbai, MKSEL exports tea to countries such as US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Duabi, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Russia among others.From a small retail shop in the historic “Bagri market” of Kolkata, to owning several plantations and production units spread across Assam & DRC; MKSEL has come a long way under the leadership of it’s late chairman, Mr. Mukundray shah. His son, Mr. Himanshu Shah, is the current chairman of the company. MKSEL has overseen a long chain of acqusitions, as it continues to expand it’s presence, serving quality tea to the rest of the world.  Official company booklet

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