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All teas below are made from Camellia SinensisEdit

Black Tea

Japanese tea

Chinese tea

Indian teas:

Genmaicha Tea

Yellow Tea

White Tea


Flavored TeasEdit


Earl Grey Tea

  • Earl Grey tea is named after its inventor, Charles, Earl Grey. The flavouring of Earl Grey Tea comes from the Bergamot plant, which is a citrus grown plant in the Mediterranean.

Lapsang souchong tea

  • Lapsang souchong is a tea of Chinese origin which is noted for its smoky taste.

English Breakfast tea

Irish Breakfast tea

Jasmine tea

  • Tea infused with Jasmine

Russian Caravan

Herbal Teas (Tisanes)Edit

Compressed TeasEdit

Tea Bricks

  • Tea compressed into a brick shape, for ease of transport, sometimes decoratively.

Tea braid

Red tea - rooibos - naturally caffeine free and low in tannin - many health benefits.

Tea pearls

See alsoEdit

The Wikipedia page on tea blending and additives is [1]

also go to this website to Camellia sinensis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia learn about the tea leaf
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