Tea can be brewed a great number of ways.

1. Whole tea leaves are placed in a cup, then water heated to the correct temperature (which differs for the type of tea) is poured in the cup also. After the tea cools sufficiently it is drunk.

2. A mug full of tap water is placed in a microwave oven for 2 minutes, then a tea bag is placed in the hot water and steeped as directed.

3. Water is boiled on a stove and then poured in to tea cups or mugs that have tea bags already in them. Finally the tea steeps as directed.

4. Turn on a Keurig brewer and run a water cycle in to a mug. ( medium size button.) Place in tea bag and steep as directed.

5. Using a teapot. The exact quantity of tea used depends upon the type of tea and personal preference. One method is 'one for each person and one for the pot.'