Local, Exotic, Fair and Organic (LEFO) is 100% hand-crafted exotic organic tea company owned by family, sourced directly from family owned estates and rooted in culturally and geographically unique atmosphere .

LEFO family belong to state of Assam in India. Just for the context, Assam is the largest tea producing single geographical unit in the world. LEFO is a consortium of family members who have numerous local organic tea estates in Assam and Darjeeling ( Himalayan territory). All our teas are 'hand crafted organic' tea. We do not use machine at all . This is part of our tradition which helps us to maintain our quality and distinct classical flavor. 

All our orders are fulfilled from the Milwaukee, USA based fulfillment center.  ​ Our USP is : LEFO (Local, Exotic, Fair and Organic ). Our tea tastes local. Our gardens are very unique and exotic. We swear by our commitment to fair trade and we are certified organic. We shall always be local grower rooted in the desire to serve global customers while improving lives of the local communities. We intend to bring the hidden gem out of mecca of tea production (Upper Assam, Darjeeling hills, Himalayan territories) to the kitchen of tea-lovers around the world. We do not want to grow big in size but always be the limited small scale organic exotic growers. ​ As we source directly from our tea gardens, we have the capability to keep the cost at very low level. We belong to the heart and culture of tea cultivation and hence we can provide the quality, uniqueness and consistent taste with unmatched efficiency. Our biggest mantra is:  Staying true to our elders, tribal knowledge and heritage.

Our price range indicates that because of our business model we could sell extremely good quality tea at almost 50% of current market price.

Visit for more information.​

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