From the Wikipedia page on Azerbaijani tea culture [1].

Tea ceremony for Azerbaijanis means freshly brewed, strong, bright-colour, hot tea served in crystal or any other glasses or cups. Azerbaijanis often use traditional glass "Armudu" (“pear shaped glass”). Tea is served continuously when there are guests or when there is an interesting conversation. For Azeris tea with milk or with sugar (sweet tea) is not traditional. Traditional tea is served with lemon, cube sugar, sweets and fruit deserts (not jam).

Place where Azerbaijani people drink tea is called "chaykhana/çayxana" (tea house). Men sit in a chaykhana, playing backgammon, read newspapers and drinking tea - being popular pastimes. Historically Azeri women did not go to public places so “çayxana” used to be a place for men.

For Azerbaijanis tea is associated with warmth, hospitality and friendliness therefore tradition says that one should not allow the guest leave the house without at least one cup of tea.

Azerbaijanis say about tea “Çay nədir, say nədir” which can be translated as “when you drink tea, you don’t count the cups” and means that tea is something almost “sacred” in Azerbaijan.

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